Resume & LinkedIn Consultation With Jon Lunsford

Resume & LinkedIn Consultation With Jon Lunsford

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One-on-one with Professional HR & Recruitment Expert, Jonathan Lunsford

This service offers real time advice on modern Resume and LinkedIn standards in an online world. Jonathan specializes in job seekers transitioning from Military, Government, and Healthcare positions, as well as College Graduates at any level and established professionals from many different industries. As a result of noticing that most of the information out there to help people was outdated by well over a decade, Jonathan started this firm to help bring a fresh look to update these techniques, focusing on what employers are looking for, and how they want to understand their potential applicants. Having focused for years on US Military Personnel and other Government Personnel (Police, Fire, and other Public Sector employees) looking to make the transition to private sector employment, he now uses these skills to help people make their Resumes and LinkedIn profiles as visible as possible to Recruiters search parameters. Due to Jonathan's exposure to the US Military, and his many years as a Recruiter, he is adept at helping to identify what types roles would best align to existing Military experience and has translated many Military experiences into Private Sector terminology. This process will help you understand what options are truly on the table and allow you to target industries and roles that would offer the most seamless transition into the Private Sector.

Jonathan is a PriceWaterhouse Coopers Alum who has supported efforts for clients at Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 levels and has worked in the HR/Recruitment field for the majority of his career. He will give you a top-down audit of your current potential as a prospective applicant and help you update not only your paper Resume/CV but also your LinkedIn presence. Jonathan continues to be excited to share his expertise and is the Founder and CEO of Online Resume World. He has put together a world class team and is constantly at the forefront of Job Placement Curriculum and techniques.

Jon's Service Costs Cover a 3 step Process and takes between 1.5-2 hours in total:  

1. Resume/LinkedIn review and initial phone consultation, approximately 1 hour.
2. Second review and phone consultation, approximately 30 minutes.
3. Final review + email approval or short phone call is necessary, approximately 10 minutes.
**Online Resume World is proud to offer 10% Military Discount for All Services**

Why choose us?

History of Service & Dedication

Note from the company founder Jonathan C. Lunsford:

Welcome to Online Resume World!I wanted to take some time to introduce myself so you know why I do what I do and how Online Resume World came to be. I come from an international family, having an English Mother and an American Father, and am a citizen of both countries. I have worked in the recruitment field for the majority of my career after starting back in the UK in the 1990's. I wanted to help people find work and, after moving to the USA in 2002, I have spent the time since my arrival developing and honing my skills.

Over the years, I have found that companies have changed the way they see and evaluate candidates for hiring purposes and, in the last 15-20 years, have now incorporated behavioral components so they can get to know the person as well as the experience when considering someone for potential employment. Consequently, resumes and LinkedIn profiles now have to provide broader information about character, motivation, and integrity. My knowledge and expertise took a big step forward when I secured employment at one of the big four prestigious global consulting firms, which gave me access to the high end industry standards that the most successful companies in the world are looking for when it comes to understanding potential employees. These new industry standards have not been passed down to prospective applicants who therefore receive advice that is almost two decades out of date so people are still receiving advice from friends, colleagues, even career advisors at universities that is actually hindering their chances of being found by that one recruiter who has the dream job just waiting for you.

As I mentioned earlier, I want to help people and I have created Online Resume World to offer a crucial service at a reasonable cost as I feel it's only fair you get to start on the same playing field as people who do know of these standards. I hope I have the chance to help you! 

- Jonathan Lunsford

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