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OnlineResumeWorld specializes in providing the most modern standards of Resume/LinkedIn, Interviews, and Career Guidance setting ourselves above the standard practices of most firms. We earned our reputation as being the premier outlet helping Military personnel transitioning from service to the private sectors. Quickly the founders realized that there was an overwhelming need for our boutique services for all sectors from students, first responders, or anyone looking to take their career to the next level. Our services our unique and bring together decades of inside knowledge, access, and top process. Onlineresumeworld is the only choice for the serious candidate from any industry background who wants to work for a Fortune level organization. Click the button below or book a call and find out where we can take you next.



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"I cannot speak highly enough of Jonathan and his professionalism. While on a brief introductory phone call, Jonathan was able to provide insightful tips to help my resume stand out from the crowd, while also ensuring my resume accurately covered my experience and capabilities. Most importantly, as someone who recently left Active Military Service, Jonathan was able to help decipher what I did in the Air Force and how that would translate to the civilian work force. It came as no surprise that I was offered an interview and subsequently a job within a week of updating my resume with Jonathan’s help. I could not have been happier with the simple, yet invaluable, advice and input Jonathan gave and would recommend his services to anyone looking to further advance their career."  
— Andrew Muench - Major, Air Force Reserve
"Jonathan’s expert coaching transformed my resume. His insights and understanding of the corporate recruiting process were outstanding. As a veteran, I really appreciated the time and care Jonathan took to help smooth my professional transition."  
— Robin Bergoo
"I met with Jonathan in regards to strengthening my resume in preparation for my upcoming military-to-civilian career transition. Jonathan had some copious (and very constructive) feedback for me: we took my resume from basic content to much more advanced and consequently, competitive for my desired career field, in the course of our meetings. I would highly recommend any individual interested in increasing the trajectory of his or her career to meet with Jonathan, strengthen up your resume, and get your foot in the door! Thanks again Jonathan!"
— John Dampf
"As an executive coach I value expert personal branding, and when it comes to crafting expert CVs and resumes Jonathan is as talented and dedicated as they come.  By taking the time to fully understand my purpose and future aspirations, Jonathan guided me through a deliberate process to weave together a powerful and cohesive story from my diverse professional experiences spanning the military and civilian sectors.  With my personal story in place, Jonathan applied his phenomenal attention to detail and Fortune 500 recruiting expertise to help craft a final resume based on his proven "insider" industry knowledge.  I 100% recommend Jonathan as a trusted personal branding partner for anyone facing a career pivot."
— Brandon Gould - Hustl Founder and Executive Coach
"I could not be more grateful for the assistance Jonathan provided! Jonathan dedicated a generous amount of time to help me understand how my military background best translates to the civilian world. He listened to my career goals and helped me identify job titles/positions that could be a potential match for me. He even helped me tackle the most daunting part of transition for veterans - the resume. He reviewed and provided valuable feedback to make the product recruiter ready. Jonathan helped with everything from visible appearance to content. I now have confidence in the product and better understanding of what recruiters might look for in my resume. I cannot thank Jonathan enough for changing this period of time from one of uncertainty and risk to one of hope. Jonathan is an invaluable resource to all veterans looking to make the leap into the civilian world! "
— Chloe Burress Special Agent at Air Force Office of Special Investigations
“Jonathan’s guidance and expertise in drafting a robust and effective resume has been instrumental in taking the next steps in my career journey. Jonathan gave his time generously and provided specific and tailored guidance that proved to be instrumental, not only in resume construction, but also in expanding my network and throughout the interview process. Investing in time spent with Jonathan is investment in your future success!"
— Lauren Bradley
"Jonathan took more time than anyone I've ever spoken with to clarify and explain a number of resume recommendations that I'd never heard before. You can tell in working with him that he stays abreast of the trends involving resumes and job screening systems. I consider myself fairly aware of how most of the application process goes, but he opened my eyes to things I hadn't considered before, and ways in which I may have been disqualifying myself from roles without even realizing it. He helped me make some of the more impactful and significant changes to my resume than I'd made in the previous years of tweaking and refining, and was more than willing to help me review and iterate again!
— Dan G
Jonathan Lunsford was incredibly helpful as I groomed my resume for my job search! He provided great feedback and suggestions on layout, how to highlight my accomplishments, and how best to make my mission statement more compelling. Jonathan empowered me to feel confident as I present my resume to hiring managers going forward. He also provided me with a great deal of confidence in my transition from active duty to the corporate sector, effectively translating military jargon into terms of desirable skills in civilian industry.Thank you Jonathan!
— Christy Talisse - US Navy Active Service Weapons Systems Officer and Project Manager