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If you are looking for upward mobility in your career, that may mean a change of employer.  When that is the case, you want to ensure that you are genuinely moving onto a path that leads in the direction you truly desire and being seen as a strong, established professional person is imperative.  The services we offer at Online Resume World are geared towards those who wish to work for a large Fortune level organization and as Interview, Resume & LinkedIn standards have changed so much over the last 10-15 years, it is even more important to present yourself in the way that these firms wish to see so they can understand not only the professional side of your background, but also some insight into the type of person that you are.  The bottom line is that you are selling yourself in this instance and it's common knowledge that when people "buy" anything, they buy the person rather than the product or service. So giving your targeted organizations an insight to both sides of you is now crucial, and there is a correct way to do that.
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