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After your staff and personnel have fulfilled their contractual obligations to your organization, setting them up for success as they move onto the next step in their career and supporting the transition of personnel into new roles in the private sector is a strong, long-term, approach that will encourage future generations to be part of your efforts, safe in the knowledge that they have your support when it’s time to move forward.

If you represent any Government organization, and let’s show the Military branches in this country as the primary area in this regard, then all personnel come out of the Military having completed extensive training and have learned valuable skills that can be applied to future career choices.  But sometimes it’s hard to translate what they have done in a way that it can be understood by private sector organizations.

This challenge also applies to various areas within Government service.

Online Resume World are experts in this field and have helped many people taking this step in the past ( you can view our testimonials on our home page ) and we want to help you support these personnel as they move onto the next step in their careers and their lives.

We offer monthly, quarterly and yearly contracts to this end and cater each service agreement to the specific requirements of our clients organizations and are able to adhere to the parameters of Government contractual agreements.

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