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  • The latest layouts and formats that follow contemporary designs and resume writing styles for your resume. We follow a step-by-step procedure as we first carefully study the necessary information, then we incorporate relevant keywords and build up your professional profile.

  • You can judge yourself how important that impression can be; we will just say that its importance cannot be overstated

  • we do promise to provide you with quality resumes, CVs, cover letters, thank you letters that will be completed in accordance with the latest resume writing techniques and layouts.

  • It's simple! Our team will be coordinating with you every step in order to ensure we create the very paper you need.

Now all you need is a professional tuning to your resume/CV and wait for your prospective employer to call you for interview.

A lot of people including fresh graduates, post graduates, working class and others, prefer to write their resumes/CVs by their own. Although it is considered good in the business community but at times it is a point of failure. Specially, when you have no experience in HR department or at least know who and how people in HR department work to find their prospective employees.

Now! Honestly, the employers do not have much time to see resumes/CVs with so much work going on in their company. It is estimated by research that averagely employers at executive level give only 45 seconds to your resume/CV. This means you have to make your impression within 45 seconds. On the other side employers feel that if you can not make your impression quickly then you will contribute to the work load after getting a job in their company. In other words you will be a liability to the company.

Online Resume world has a team of writers who are working in multi national corporations and have the experience of recruiting people. They believe that more your resume is confine, concise and complete the better chance you will have to get your interview call. The writers have developed a way by which they can avoid a conflict between conciseness and completeness. This is because of their huge exposure to the corporate world. All the writers have worked on executive levels and know what points have to be taken care of while writing your resume/CV.

Few of them are:

•    You think in terms of results
•    To convey that you are well rounded

•    You know how things are done
•    Show signs of progress
•    You are flexible and willing to try new things
•    Possess strong communication skills
•    Seven C’s of communication


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All of our resume writers are committed towards providing the latest layouts and formats that follow... Learn more


Just starting out? There’s no need to worry about the lack of experience. Our CV writing experts can detect your best attributes displaying your full potential.


This type of resume fits best for those who are already established in a particular field or have an impressive history to backup a job change.


With this kind of resume your career accomplishments will be emphasized while highlighting your experience as an executive level professional.


This type of resume is for you if you are seeking to make a transition from the military type of job to a civilian one.


Need resume help with your KSAs and ECQs? We can help you make convincing statements for your resume.

Career Change

This type of resume is for you if you are seeking to make a transition from one career field to another identifying and highlighting the relevant skills.

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Many online resume writing services guarantee an interview call within a week after resume submission, some of them may even grant specific job offer. Realizing the importance and purpose of a resume/CV we cannot guarantee…

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Online Resume World is not about its web page; instead our company is all about a team of highly qualified experts with solid educational credential and extensive experience within the field of resume writing. The professionals that…

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Very great time with one of the known Resume writing sites!!! Great job OnlineResumeWorld!!!

May 13, 2013 by Peter Henry

Very great time with one of the known Resume writing sites!!! Great job OnlineResumeWorld!!!

5.0 5.0 1 1 Very great time with one of the known Resume writing sites!!! Great job OnlineResumeWorld!!! Home